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Passion, Wailing, Compassion | 2004

Passion, Wailing and Compassion are installation exhibitions, taking place simultaneously in three galleries in Tel Aviv: Shloush, Hamidrasha and Dvir. The exhibitions communicate with each other and create tension asking the viewers to physically move between the various galleries to percept the whole picture. A story is being told between the galleries while rising dialogues about topics such as the distances between East and West, repression and exile visibility hope.
In the Passion exhibition located at the Dvir gallery, the space is almost empty, creating a trap for the visitor. On one wall hung two black and white giant portraits of two scandalous figures in the Israeli culture: The first one is Yigal Amir, the assassin of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who represents the edge of the right wing at the Israeli political spectrum. The second figure is Mordechai Vanunu, a controversial figure who was accused and convicted of treason and espionage against Israel, this figure represents the other side of the spectrum, the left wing. On the opposite wall of these photographs the artist create a red cloth-covered wall, with golden diamond shaped pattern and Ping-Pong balls attached. At the center of the wall placed a tiny peephole. Looking through it the observer saw a blue wall with a big transparent lens and a small pink towel. This gives the observer the opportunity to become a criminal himself, watching through the peephole while the other two portraits of criminals who fulfilled their desire staring at his back. 
In the Installation "Wailling" at Hamidrasha gallery, the artist filled the small space with rows of walkers, all facing the same direction. On each walker folded pink towel (identical to the one you could see through the peephole in Passion), and a flashlight attached. All of the flashlights illuminate the opposite wall. Song plays in the background of the Israeli rock singer Barry Sakharov - "Jewish people, have mercy " taken from the play "The Witch" by Abraham Goldfarden. 
The third installation, "wailing" at Dvir Gallery placed an entire wall covered with red curtain embroidered Love Song Quotes by the singer Umm Kulthum. Watermelons are scattered on the floor, and a Nye player plays tunes about longing to homeland.